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Our Mission

To bring safe, intelligent sewage treatment and clean water to every corner of the globe.


Our Story

For over 10 years our team has dedicated their expertise and passion for a better planet into designing and developing HYDROS.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, we've persevered through thick and thin to create what we believe is a game-changer for the sewage treatment industry, specifically for remote communities and businesses.

HYDROS' compact, modular design allows it to fit in with existing systems or act as a standalone sewage treatment plant anywhere in the world.


The world is in a state of panic.

From climate change to pandemics, everyone is scared for their future. But not us.

We're excited and full of hope, because we can envision a future where we make a difference.

We truly believe our systems are giant leap in the right direction for our planet, and this belief is what motivates us each and every day to continue designing, developing and inventing.

The Future
is Bright

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