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Dive into the New Age of Smart Sewage Treatment


Out-of-the-Box Solution

HYDROS is an out-of-the-box solution to your sewage treatment requirements. Its ability to plug into practically any existing plumbing makes it the optimum solution to processing excess waste on your site.

HYDROS is a commercial-strength sewage treatment plant that turns raw sewage into clean water. It features the latest in technology and engineering for optimum performance under any conditions to provide you with a continuous supply of purified water.

The treated water can be released directly into the environment or stored for reuse during dry months. The ability to reuse the processed water helps us reduce our impact on Earth's natural resources while providing communities and locations not connected to mains sewer a viable solution to many of their water needs.

HYDROS is perfect for use in caravan parks, remote communities and towns, wineries, school camps, mine sites and more.

The System


Real-Time Results

With our proprietary RoboLab System included in all HYDROS plants, you're able to monitor everything that happens with the click of a button. Receive real-time results from your system and diagnostics.


Scarce Resource Recovery and Land Regeneration

We believe in a world where every community has access to safe sewage treatment and clean water to create agriculture, sports & community and water accessibility. Through our unique Scarce Resource Recover, we believe we can achieve this goal.

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Government and Council Compliant Waste Removal

HYDROS is extremely effective as processing waste, allowing it to be disposed of in accordance with local government and council regulations, no matter where you are.


Bringing Safe Sewage Treatment and Clean Water to Every Corner of the Globe.

  • Fully compliant with all government and council regulations

  • Designed with an understanding of budget restrictions without jeopardising quality

  • Modular and compact in size for the ability to fit to existing septic tanks

  • Minimal site disturbance and disruption when installed

  • Requires minimal maintenance, easily performed by you or by our team

  • Designed to operate with severe fluctuations and shock loads

  • Real-time cloud-based monitoring of the system through proprietary application.

  • Proprietary WATCHDOG System monitors every part of the plant is automatically monitored and results are uploaded for external analysis allowing preventative and proactive action if required

  • Full technical support - readily available online, on phone or on site

  • Designed by our team of passionate engineers and biochemists

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