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Creating greener pastures where none might exist.

HYDROS' unique ability to recover scarce minerals and nutrients from the waste it processes allows for the creation of agriculture, sporting/community grounds and other land regeneration efforts where none may have been able to grow before.
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What is Scarce Resource Recovery (SRR)?

Scarce Resource Recovery is the process through which essential nutrients and minerals are re-captured during the waste treatment process within the HYDROS system.

These recovered nutrients and minerals are stored within the purified water produced by HYDROS and able to be used to boost soil and plant health.

Over the years we've witnessed a growing need for businesses and communities to more efficiently and effectively utilise the waste they produce. 

HYDROS' unique ability to capture otherwise lost nutrients and minerals puts it in a league of its own for land regeneration in remote communities and townships. 

By utilising these essential resources we can create and rejuvenate plant and soil health whilst simultaneously processing sewage waste produced by the inhabitants of the community.

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Creating Greener Pastures.

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