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Powerful and efficient, the Aubin Environmental Sewage Influence Submersible Pump is engineered to handle demanding sewage applications with ease. Featuring a robust 0.55 kW (0.75 HP) motor that operates on a 240V, 50Hz single-phase power supply, this pump combines high performance with reliability. It can process solids up to 20mm in size, ensuring smooth operation even in raw primary treated environments where gross solids have been removed.


With a maximum flow rate of 16 m³ per hour and a peak head capacity of 14 meters (140 kPa), this pump is ideal for a variety of sewage influence management tasks. Constructed from durable cast iron, it is built to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining top performance. Weighing in at 20kg, it is both sturdy and manageable. Choose the Aubin Environmental Submersible Pump for unmatched durability and efficiency in sewage handling.

Sewage Influent Submersible Pump

  • Product code AUB-SUB-R-0.55
    Power supply 240V, 50Hz, Single phase
    Current 4.1A
    Power 0.55kW (0.75 HP)
    Solids passage 20mm
    Maximum flow 16 m3/hour
    Maximum head 14 meters (140kPa)
    Gross Weight 20kg
    Material of construction Cast iron
    Design duty Raw primary treated sewage (gross solids removed)


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