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The New Standard
in Smart Sewage Treatment

Complete Sewage Treatment Solution.

Compliance | Clean Water | Resources


At Aubin Environmental we've spent years perfecting our systems to ensure they achieve all goverment regulations surrounding waste management and disposal.

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Working to recover scarce resources in the pursuit of a greener Earth.

The HYDROS System works to treat sewage whilst recovering scarce resources such as nitrogen, phosphorous and other vital minerals, allowing us to create greener pastures where none might exist.

Smart Lab Monitoring

RoboLab lets you monitor your HYDROS System 24/7. This means you're in full control, always.


The intelligence of the HYDROS system allows for a simplistic plug-and-play application.

Scarce Resource Recovery

HYDROS, in a league of its own, is unique in its ability to recover scarce resources in the waste it treats.

Meet Government Regulations and Compliance.

Every system we make is designed with EPA and Government environmental compliance in mind.

Smart Sewage Treatment. Anywhere in the World.

HYDROS Key Features

  • Real-time cloud-based monitoring of the system through proprietary application.

  • Proprietary WATCHDOG System monitors every part of the plant.

  • Fully compliant with all government and council regulations.

  • Modular and compact in size that can be fitted to existing septic tanks.

  • Designed to be "bullet-proof", with minimal maintenance.

  • RoboLab remote-access, automated water quality laboratory with online access to real-time results.

  • HYDROS can be monitored and controlled remotely by our engineers.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of collective experience


of water per hour processed per unit


of waste processed per day per unit


people per modular unit


Years of research and development

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Achieve Easy Waste Disposal Compliance or Restore your Agricultural Land or Community?

Contact us today to find out how our system can help your business or community intelligently treat sewage and recycle water.

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